Autonomous Flight Software Training Designed To Help You and Your Business Leverage The Power Of Today’s Unmanned Aircraft.

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Autoflight Logic’s "Autopilot" software ( is the top rated 3rd party solution for automation of DJI’s Phantom, Inspire, and Mavic aircraft.

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Autoflight Logic’s Autopilot solution ( is the number one rated 3rd party solution for DJI’s Phantom, Inspire, and Mavic.
While thousands have learned to fly using Autopilot via the detailed how-to videos that are available, there are many pilots that prefer face to face training.
Fortunately, one of Skygear's expert trainers is the actual “voice of Autopilot” – having created all of the how-to videos for Autoflight Logic (View the YouTube Playlist HERE) .  
Skygear Solutions offers both day and weekend long training sessions which are customized based upon your comfort level and goals. 
These sessions may include any combination of the following modules:

-       Understanding software settings and basic configuration

-       The basic modes (Focus, Target, Zip Line, and Orbit)

-       Waypoints (creating, modifying, sharing, etc. basic and complex missions)

-       Follow Mode (along with combining it with the other basic and advanced modes)

-       Airspace Restrictions and Authorizations

-       Other Autoflight Logic Software such as their Autoframe solution for the Osmo

-       Other 3rd party software (Litchi, Drone Deploy, Maps Made Easy, etc.)

Our main Autoflight Logic training location is in Boca Raton, FL, which offers a variety of beautiful local locations to practice and fly.  To further take advantage of our Florida location,  we also provide training off of a motorboat in Biscayne Bay near Miami.  We are also able to travel to your location and offer training to you locally.
With the recent acquisition of Autoflight Logic by Hangar (Click HERE to view the press release), the demand and and opportunity for Autopilot trained pilots is expected to skyrocket.  
Please reach out to our team at [email protected] with any questions or to schedule a training session for you or your organization.

The number of clients that have been trained by Skygear Solutions continues to grow.   Here are a few recent testimonials offered by students as well as the executive team of Autoflight Logic – creator of the Autopilot software.

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I was really impressed by Autopilot , but daunted by the complexity of the App.  The how-to videos are excellent, but I, like many others I know, wanted some personalized live hands on training before I had the confidence to start running complex autonomous missions on my own.  So much so, I travelled from Sydney to Florida to gain this experience for my growing UAV Business.

Eric took the power of Autopilot and explained it in easy to digest customized chunks - first in a classroom type environment and then in the field - was invaluable.     By the end of the weekend, Autopilot Guru, Eric Goldstein left me fearless.  The software is bulletproof and I’m happy to entrust my $12,000 kit to autonomous flight. 300 flights, no issues.
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Eric is one of the few a-players I have ever known in my life. That is someone who I can give very little instruction to and get a result that is as good or better than what I would have done myself. In other words, adding more energy into the equation.  If you want to learn how to use the Autopilot solution, he’s the man to go to.
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I just completed Autoflight’s Autopilot training with Eric Goldstein. I found the training to be a real confidence booster, giving me time to explore the features of the software with an expert right by my side.
I’m a hands-on learner, and that’s just what I got. Autopilot is a sophisticated program that take mission planning and execution to a level I never thought possible. The software allows me to fly my drone with one person instead of two which is a real competitive advantage in today’s market. I love the software and encourage everyone to take the training.
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I absolutely love Autopilot and tell everyone about it. Eric’s videos, posts, and professionalism are a huge differentiator for Autoflight Logic and they’ve been very lucky to have Eric’s involvement. I have read all of Eric’s posts and watched all of his videos and they’ve helped me as I’ve done progressively more complex waypoint and panoramic missions.
If you’re looking to take your drone photography and videography to the next level, I highly recommend the Autopilot software - if you can get time with Eric, it will leapfrog your ability to to start using the software ten fold.


I have worked with Eric Goldstein from Skygear for a over a year now through our company Autoflight Logic.  Eric has wrote, shot, produced, and edited over 20 highly complex and well-embraced tutorial videos for our drone flight control application (Autopilot) that are used by our customers daily.  We originally reached out to Eric because of the visual appeal and professional nature of his work product that we had observed through another company for which Eric had produced work product.  Eric has been a valuable business partner for us.


Eric's final work product is professional, as expected, and working with Eric has been super easy.  Eric has been very responsive to our multiple change requests (each video went through a review-and-revision process) and the final work product was delivered on or before the requested date in all cases. 

Eric’s ability to break down a complex piece of software into easy-to-follow steps resulted in many requests from beginners as well as experienced pilots for personalized & customized face-to-face and on-line training.   The customers that have been lucky enough to work with him have been able to leap frog their ability to leverage the power of Autopilot and their quadcopters.  If you need expert and professional video services, I would highly recommend Eric and Skygear Solutions for your project.

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